Sex: Malebuck1

Breed: Pit Mix

Age <1 year

Hi! My name is Buckeye! I am a 75 pound large mixed-breed rambunctious fella. I have had a pretty 
rough start to my young life but, as you can see, I am doing much better now! My vet thinks I am probably under a year old; I have been neutered and am up to date on all of my shots. My foster mom found me on the highway on her way to work last month and could not resist my cuteness so of course she had to pull over and pick me up (what can I say, I am great with the ladies!) Anyways, I was in pretty rough shape. I had an extension cord wrapped around and embedded in my neck; I also had a pretty painful damaged eye. Thankfully, the extension cord and the eye were both removed and I have never felt better! I don’t even miss that eye! As a matter of fact, I think I look much better without it, I mean, I know I am a handsome guy and all (my foster mom tells me this all the time), but this handsome was beyond even my imagination!

In my foster home I love to play with my two four-legged foster sisters. The husky is my favorite as we are comparable in size and both love to wrestle and run! My Anatolian shepherd sister and I are also buddies, but she is a little older and doesn’t like to play as much so I bug the husky instead. I haven’t technically been close to cats, but the one that hangs out in the neighbor’s yard definitely interests me, my foster mom tells me to “leave it” (whatever that means) so, of course I watch it for a while and it runs away. I love the older kids that I have met, but my foster mom says I may be a little too big for small children. I like to sometimes jump up when she comes in the door and I think she is worried that I could knock someone over. I am hard at work on all of my basic obedience training. I know how to sit, come, lay down and I am also crate trained (although the crate is not my most favorite place to be)! I am also potty trained but occasionally have an accident, but I am working on that! My favorite thing is to run around the fenced in yard and play with my foster sisters and my squeaker ball. I will even bring the ball back to you if you ask me to! Because I probably spent most of my life tied outside with an extension cord, a tie-out will not work for me. My foster mom also tells me I am a love bug because I love to
cuddle and follow her around the house. I will be a great addition to any family and promise to bring you years of plenty of laughs and kisses. If you are the kind of person that loves to play and has the time to help me perfect my training, I just might be the dog for you!


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