Nora – Weimaraner/Pit Mix

Estimated 7 to 8 months as of Octobernora 2014

Weight 30 Lbs.

Medical History:

Clean bill of health when we took possession September 2014

Spayed as of 10/10/2014

Some food sensitivity, she get rice and pumpkin with her food


Food Habits:

Nora was about 20 to 25 pounds under weight when we acquired her and we are still working on that. She gets a solid 3 meals a day and has put on 5 pounds and growing fast. Nora is in no way food aggressive with our 11 year old dog.


Bathroom Habits:

Never had a #2 accident in the house, but we are working on #1

She is still young and can hold all movement while in cage (Max 6 hours)



She loves walks and is building walking manners

Walks well side by side with other dogs

Does well with other aggressive dogs in yards

She loves her play time with our other dog (Video available)

Once removed from the cage requires activity

Does well with other dogs in the yard, play can go on for an hour


Bad habits:

She is a sock eater and needs to be watched

She will also test her limits with the trash, never got into it

When she is over excited she can get “mouthy” playful



Nora is very sweet and a playful puppy. Nora would do very well in a high energy home with another dog, cat, or children. She understands sit and is actively working on other commands with a puppy attention span. She crate trained and we are now working on house training with #1 (no issues with #2). She is very good about NOT jumping on the couch and bed. She does get excited and jumps up but is getting better with positive training. Nora barks when there is legitimate movement in the home, in the yard, or other dogs are barking.