Name: Toby / Carolinetandc3
Age: Both 2 years old
Sex: Male / Female
Breed: Boxer/Pit mixes
Weight: 51 lbs / 41 lbs but seem under-weight, as their ribs are showing, so we are trying to put a little more weight on them.







Hi my name is Caroline and this is my brother Toby and he is my best friend. We are just about two years old but we are still very high energy and still very much like puppies. We are love bugs and want to give you kisses all the time but our foster mom and dad are trying to teach us how to give love in moderation. We are still working on house breaking but our foster mom says we are getting much better. We were never taught not to go potty outside before so it is a work in progress. We are crate trained though so that is a plus! We sometimes get what our foster mom calls the “zoomies” and have a tendency to jump on people. We are working very hard at learning to stay down and not to jump on people. It is hard sometimes because we get so excited around our people. We absolutely love attention and would like nothing better than to spend all our time with you. We really like the nylabones that our foster mom has at her home. Sometimes Toby wants the bone I have but even when he steals it I don’t get upset. We both know how to sit when told but we are still working on all the other commands, something like down, stay, shake. Where we are living now has a 4 foot fence so our foster parents always keep an eye on us when we are outside because we have great jumping ability. Because we are such great jumpers a 6 foot fence might be required. Our foster mom says we are doing very well on a leash, I think that is that is the thing she attaches to our collar for walks and car rides. Oh car rides, we love car rides!!! We definitely need to go to a forever family together – as we have a special bond and do not want to be apart for any length of time. We are so bonded that we share a crate at our current home. If you have enough room in your heart for 2 awesome dogs, we are made for you!


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